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The Small Stones Count Toward Setting and Achieving Bold Goals

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A few weeks ago I wrote about minimalism, finding enjoyment in less, and how less can be more. The Greek philosopher Socrates was the inspiration for that Notes, but this week it’s Confucius, the Chinese philosopher.

He said: “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones… It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

When setting a Bold Goal, and laying out the Action Steps to reach that goal, it’s easy to see the bigger tasks that would be required for setting and achieving Bold Goals.

For Justin and Kaisorn McCurry, who, as I wrote in my book, set the Bold Goal of retiring in their 30s, the bigger tasks encompassed things like cutting back on expenses and investing. But there were a lot of smaller tasks involved, day-to-day things like choosing to spend less money on this or that, or purchasing something that had greater longer-term value when it came to saving money. These smaller tasks, the day-to-day things, were for sure small stones when it came to moving the mountain, but they were certainly an intrinsic part of the plan.

Setting and Achieving Bold Goals Notes From Ed Kopko

When you have a Bold Goal in mind, everything that you’re doing ends up having more purpose–even those dull tasks. All of the little stones have meaning because they’re all components of moving that mountain.

Part of the purpose of the Pillar Ranker, Building Block Plan and other worksheets is to pare down the steps you need to follow to reach your goals, because the simplicity of having one or two things to accomplish helps promote success. With Bold Goals, your life gets simpler, as you’re doing things toward those one or two big goals. But never forget that those small stones count, too!

Back in April, I cited an Arnold Schwarzenegger quote. He was asked why he was always smiling when he worked out, and he said it was because each hard rep brought him closer and closer to his goal. That’s a great mindset. So when you’re moving that mountain one small stone at a time, keep in mind that you’re working toward your Bold Goal.

Then you will be smiling, too!


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