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With the New Year coming up, it’s a good time to get your method of goal-setting in place. So here’s some popular advice: If you want only a 4% chance of success when it comes to reaching your Bold Goal, write down your goal, then just do it. That’s right, a whopping 4% chance of success can be yours!

Don’t just do it. The popular advice when applied to reaching goals is very wrong.

The truth is, no matter how gung ho you are about accomplishing your goals, science shows that simply leaping into action does not work. John Norcross, the highly-regarded author of “Changeology: 5 Steps to Realizing Your Goals and Resolutions,” determined clear scientific means to achieve goals. In an examination of people attempting to accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions, he found that those who did not leap into action, but instead took part in additional steps of the process, were ten times more successful than those who went the “just do it” route. The “just do it” crowd had a success rate of 4%, whereas those who didn’t just do it had a 44% success rate.

Forty-four percent!

Anyone with aspirations of accomplishing a Bold Goal must embrace the science behind success, and take steps beyond just setting the goal and leaping into action.

Boldy would never make it up the mountain if he just ran at it gung ho. He needs to take all the additional steps necessary in the process to maximize his chances. When it comes to success, he doesn’t want the 4% – he wants the 44%!

Boldy writing down his goals

What are those steps to get to 44%? Read my book… or wait for me to talk about it next week. But here’s a hint: there’s an action plan involved. In the meantime, skip the popular advice.

Stay tuned!

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