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Inspiring vs. Uninspiring Goals


We are heading into the last part of 2020–a year of change and disrupted plans. Have you given any thought to making goals for 2021 yet? It’s not too early to start your planning.

Most people don’t accomplish their New Year goals. One key reason is many people have uninspiring goals.

When goals are inspiring, the flames of motivation burn bright, and they can drive a person to do whatever needs to be done to get to the finish line. On the other hand, when the goals come from a place where inspiration is low or nonexistent, success will be stifled. The failure rate goes up dramatically.

Inspiration is key! Inspiration is what gets us out of the bed in the morning eager to take on the day. It’s what fuels us, motivates us, and makes us want to set goals in the first place!

Boldy getting out of bed with inspirational goal

Do your goals come from a source of inspiration

Inspiration is so key it is embedded into the Bold Life Formula. In my book, I go in depth into this important concept, and even provide worksheets to help you find and understand your inspiration.

PBL formula

An important factor in successfully completing goals is to infuse them with specific and stretch components (this is the in the Bold Life Formula).

A specific goal is SMART and I detail this in the book. An open-ended and broad concept is not a goal.

A stretch goal is one where you move the finish line a little farther, thereby making the accomplishment, when reached, that much more impressive. By adding an element of either intrinsic or extrinsic goal-setting that makes a difference to you can make all the difference.

Here is an example of the progression of thinking I am talking about:

Not a Goal: Run More
Goal: Run a Marathon in 2021
Stretch Goal: Run a Marathon in 2021 and finish in the Top 20% of the field.

You could also make it a personal best time which would be an intrinsic goal i.e., internal to you.

An example of intrinsic goal-setting is whenever the goal you set is measured against a personal best; extrinsic goal-setting is when it’s measured against something external like the accomplishments of someone else or in the case above the field of competition.

(Note: You can’t stretch a non-specific goal because it is not a goal. You can only stretch a SMART i.e. specific goal. Another example of a non-specific goal would be to lose weight. That is not a goal. An ordinary goal might be to lose three pounds by January 2021. Stretching that goal might be trying to fit into your highschool prom dress by June of 2021 (which might require nine pounds and some inches to achieve).

So what’s your inspiration? How can you make your goal specific and stretch enough to get you up early and with passion? If you do so, you will be defining your inspiration! Inspiration is key!

Think about it. 2021 is just around the corner.
Be safe and be bold!

All the best,

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