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Have You Made Progress On Your New Year’s Resolutions?


How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along? If you’ve just started on them, congrats! You’ve taken the prudent step of not simply leaping into action (like many did on January 1st), because as I’ve said before, the “just do it” method sets you up to fail.

Of course, if you’ve started on your goal-achievement path, and fallen off your horse, that’s okay, too. Falling off your horse is natural–which is why we make a plan for it, a plan that will help us get back in the saddle.

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It’s worth acknowledging that the best results happen when you maintain a sustained effort. Don’t worry, next week I will dig into this further, and explain the Law of Accelerating Returns–a concept which will help you visualize how long-term efforts can yield results in a rapidly increasing fashion. Yes, a healthy dose of patience, faith and mental resilience is needed to keep going when the going gets rough, but at the heart of it all is the Law of Accelerated Returns!

So stay tuned, and have a good weekend!

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