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Happy Memorial Day Weekend to All Who Boldly Inspire Us!


Summer is nearly upon us, and heralding that season of fun, sun and relaxing is Memorial Day weekend. Sure, it’s a holiday that implies festive barbecues and time with the family on the beach…

Know Your Why Memorial Day Boldy Beach

…But it’s important to acknowledge that the day has been set aside to honor and mourn the soldiers who have fallen while defending this country. The people who have fought for our country almost always have a very passionate “why” driving them. In fact, the pursuit of liberty and defending our freedoms is a huge “why” that has often led to amazing displays of courage, bravery and sacrifice. If you were to have just a fraction of that passion for a “why”, you’d go a long way to achieving your own Bold Goals!

(Don’t forget the importance of knowing your “why” when it comes to your goals!)

So when you’re on the beach taking a walk this weekend, take a moment to appreciate how you’re able to do it and how people who did some Bold things in their lives paved the way for your own “why”. After all, we get inspiration from people who’ve done great things, and whether it’s a climb up Mount Everest, a successful turn as an entrepreneur, or a visit to Iwo Jima while wearing combat boots, a Bold Life can encompass a wide range of accomplishments.

Memorial Day weekend is a time for honoring those in the latter category.

Happy Memorial Day, and keep Living Bold!

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