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Graduation Is Just the Beginning of Your Bold Journey – What’s Next?


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It’s that special time of year when years of hard work and dedication finally pay off. That’s right, I’m talking about graduation–from high school, from college, from grad school–where students have diligently kept at their studies and achieved something that could very well have been a Bold Goal. So congratulations to all the new graduates and soon-to-be graduates!

Of course, the journey of life is just beginning after graduation, which means there are plenty of opportunities to take on challenges and accomplish more Bold Goals. That begs the question: What’s next? What are your plans after graduation?

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Do you or your graduate have any new goals in mind? Right now, with that diploma or degree in hand, you stand at a divergence of two paths–one leading to ordinary goals and the other leading to Bold Goals. Which path will you take?  Put your strong optimism to work and pick something special!

Of the Seven Pillars of a Bold Life, you or your loved one has notched a success in the Achievement Pillar. What’s next–something in the Career Pillar, like getting a good job in your field? Something in the Experience Pillar, like backpacking across Europe? Something in the Career Pillar, like starting a company or other professional goals?

There is some real work ahead of you, and that is determining your next Bold Goal and building a solid plan to make it happen. Just remember that figuring out what you want to do is only half the battle; the other half is ironing out the “why” (see my earlier Notes about inspiring vs. uninspiring goals–an important Project Bold Life tenet if there ever was one!).

I’ve written extensively about knowing your why, both in my book and in a previous edition of Notes From Ed, so I won’t go deep into it here–suffice to say that knowing your why is the key to successfully accomplishing those Bold Goals you set for yourself.

“I wish I had Ed’s goal-setting tools, advice and stories when I was launching my career. This book is solid gold.” –William A. Lederer, Chairman and CEO, iSOCRATES LLC, Adjunct Professor, Graduate Media Management Program at The New School

So, congrats on your graduation! What are your plans after graduation? Are you thinking about the future? If so, are you thinking about what your new goals might be and how they inspire you?

Boldy Post Graduation Plans Professional Goals

Again, this goal-setting and planning is covered extensively in my book. As my good friend Dr. Robert A. Scott–President Emeritus and University Professor Emeritus of Adelphi University said, “I recommend PROJECT BOLD LIFE by Ed Kopko as an ideal addition to those freshman college courses designed to introduce students to college life and a consideration of life’s purpose… Project Bold Life is a terrific guide to help students become the author of their own lives instead of merely an actor in someone else’s script.”

Keep living Bold!


P.S. PROJECT BOLD LIFE: The Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieve Happiness and Success is a complete system for planning your life to get what you want and has been a top seller in three categories: “Motivational Growth & Spirituality”, “Personal Success & Spirituality” and “Management Skills”. I hope you check it out if you have not purchased a copy.

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