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From FOMO to JOMO: How the World Is Getting Better Post-COVID


Covid is changing everything!  And it is changing us for the better!

Here’s why:

The fear of missing out (FOMO) has long been a driving force in our connectivity to the world–to work, to social media, to so many things that can sometimes take away from our true enjoyment of what life has to offer. But COVID, the lockdowns, and the shift to working from home, gave us more time to ourselves. It’s also given us JOMO!

JOMO, a.k.a, the joy of missing out, helps people appreciate simpler living. It comes from de-linking from the electronic devices that tether us to the online world, cutting out the tasks that are no longer a necessity, and with all the new free time, doing the things we enjoy. With more and more people spending some (or all) of their work week at home, JOMO is spreading.

FOMO vs JOMO Boldy Notes From Ed

Now, lots of people are getting JOMO and they don’t want to give it up.

Have You Caught JOMO vs FOMO Ed Kopko

The JOMO concept is big enough that Google has designed a Digital Wellbeing app that breaks down the metrics of device usage, putting JOMO in the palm of your hand.

As I said before, this all came about because of COVID. Or, more specifically, the working from home COVID made us do, which provided a big reduction in non-productive routine time.

Non-productive routine time is anything outside of work or personal time that might be a required component of those things. Examples would be commuting (a big example!) or dropping off/picking up dry cleaning so you have clothes to wear at the office. We don’t actually get paid to commute or deal with our dry cleaning. Therefore, it’s considered non-productive routine time.

Rise of FOMO vs JOMO Notes From Ed Kopko

The pre-COVID world had a lot of non-productive routine time. Nowadays, after eliminating the routines that don’t add any value to anybody, I’m getting more work and personal time. And time for inner reflection and JOMO!

Have you caught JOMO yet?

Long-term happiness can only come from within.  JOMO will help get you there.

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