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Easter Is a Time of Rebirth and Reset for Your Goals


Winter is over and spring is nearly upon us, and Mother Nature is starting to show her beautiful colors again. It’s also time for an unusually large, anthropomorphic rabbit to come for a visit, hiding multicolor eggs for kids to find. That’s right, it’s Easter!

Do you know where the concepts behind the Easter Bunny come from? 

Can the Easter Bunny help you with your goals and success?

Back in the late 1600’s, Germany had a tradition of the Easter Hare visiting and evaluating children, with good children receiving festive colored eggs. Very similar to Santa Claus!

German immigrants brought this tradition to the States, and over time, our beloved Bunny’s origin story (and especially his egg gifts) began to encompass Christian notions of purity, rebirth and restart. 

How does any of this tie into goal-setting? Well, the Easter Bunny signals the start of springtime and rebirth, principles we apply to our spiritual and physical lives. Springtime marks a new beginning for all the flora and fauna that took a break for the winter. If you’ve got some goals you might have fallen behind on, it could mark a new beginning for you, too!

If you set Bold Goals for the New Year and got a bit off track, now’s your chance to give that approaching Easter Bunny a high-five, grab one of his eggs, reset yourself, and get back on your horse.  Give yourself a fresh start!

History of Easter Notes From Ed

For all my Christian friends who view the Easter holiday as a religious one, I wish you a very happy Easter. For everyone else out there who simply likes a good egg hunt and the notion of a big bunny lugging around a basket, the purpose of this Notes from Ed was to share a little egg of insight from a character we all know and love.

Have a very happy Easter everyone!

Keep living Bold!


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