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Do You Love the Competition of Three Billionaires Trying to Beat Each Other Into Space?


Notes From Ed sticky Billionaire Space Race

Are you loving the competition of three billionaires trying to beat each other into space? I am! Jeff Bezos versus Richard Branson versus Elon Musk is a true heavyweight battle.

The battle was kicked into overdrive this week when Bezos announced he would be taking a ride on his rocket ship for a trip into space. As a result of this “Bold Goal on steroids,” Branson may be moving up his timetable for spaceflight to get the jump on Bezos. These two men are so inspired, they’re spending billions of dollars. Bezos has made it a personal mission to be the first private industry space traveler among the three billionaires, and Branson is determined to beat him!

In my book, I wrote that most people know a Bold Goal when they hear it; being the first private industry space traveler is surely a Bold Goal!

 Project Bold Life Notes From Ed Billionaire Space Race

It’s important to make the distinction between intrinsic- and extrinsic goals when talking about goal-setting. An intrinsic goal is one that involves beating a personal best, like running a marathon when you’ve never completed one before, or completing it in a time better than any previous times you’ve run them. The metric used to gauge accomplishment is within you.

An extrinsic goal, meanwhile, would be running that marathon in a time better than others have run it. For example, finishing better than anyone in your age group, better than anyone in your town, or better than anyone ever. With an extrinsic goal, the metric of accomplishment is external.

When it comes to Bezos, Branson, and Musk, how cool would it be to be able to say he was the first billionaire passenger on a first private industry spaceflight?

The first ever would be considered the GOAT (greatest of all time) when it comes to billionaire daredevil accomplishments, and their bragging rights would overshadow whoever comes in second place in the race.

As extrinsic goals go, this is truly an inspirational one!

I’ve discussed the need to use the Seven Pillars of a Bold Life to determine where your true inspiration lies. One of the Pillars is “Experiences”. It’s worth noting that this space tourism race is going to inspire an industry full of people who are looking for some Bold experiences among the stars. How many people would like to say they flew to space?

When seats open up on Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and SpaceX, are you going to hitch a ride for the experience?

For more on Bezos, Musk and Branson going forth boldly with their private space race, check out this Bold Business story!

Keep living Bold!

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