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Do You Embrace Bold Ideas or Shoot Them Down?


The Super Bowl always has some very funny commercials, and this year was no exception. But one in particular struck a chord with me, and it featured comedian and writer Larry David.

The premise was simple: Larry is a recurring character throughout history who is presented with big, bold ideas–like the invention of the wheel, the fork, coffee, and even the Declaration of Independence–and each time, he shoots them down pretty vociferously.

Can you guess why this commercial appealed to me? I bet you can…

If you want a good laugh, check out the video of the commercial here.

Larry’s recurring character is, of course, the embodiment of everyone who heard a Bold Goal and failed to see the potential in it. 

When presented with a stone wheel, he immediately shrugs and says, “Eh… I don’t think so.” He then compares it to a bagel, and says, “At least I could eat a bagel.”

At the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Larry stands among the Founding Fathers arguing against the idea of the Colonies eschewing the King’s rule–and he goes ballistic at the notion of letting regular citizens vote. “Even the stupid ones?” he says.

He’s everyone who saw the Bold Path up Bold Mountain, and instead of marching up it, ran the other way.

The commercial itself was for cryptocurrency, with the implication that, like the invention of the toilet, the lightbulb and the dishwasher, cryptocurrency is the next bold idea destined for success–and it might be! Just as the metaverse and NFTs might be anathema to a Luddite, the bold ideas of today could be the everyday, common items of tomorw. But what the commercial was selling is irrelevant; what matters is the message.

If you’ve got a bold idea ready to sprout into a Bold Goal, don’t listen to the Larry David in your head, telling you it’s the worst idea ever.

Not every bold idea is going to work. If your bold idea sprouts into a Bold Goal, you need to have a gameplan and strategy. But one thing you certainly don’t need is a mindset like Larry’s, where new ideas get an “Eh… I don’t think so.”

If you don’t think Bold ideas are possible, please read my book Project Bold Life. And if you do think they’re possible, congratulations! You’ve got the right mindset!

Keep living Bold!


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