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Courage Is What Helps Elon Musk Do Something Bold–Do You Have It?


Elon Musk Do Something Bold Notes From Ed

There are bold people in the world, and then there are some BOLD people, and Elon Musk–the billionaire visionary who’s been to space and back–is definitely the latter kind of bold.

From his big ideas, like a vacuum commuter train to a computer linked directly to the brain, to his bold implementation of his ideas, like riding his own SpaceX rocket into orbit and announcing an effort to purchase Twitter to safeguard free speech, Musk exemplifies Bold Living.

The trait that Musk has that enables him to think boldly and act boldly: courage.

Notes From Ed Kopko Elon Musk Do Something Bold

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you’ve probably heard of Musk. You’ve also probably been touched in one way or another by his bold ideas. Here are a few:

  • A self-driving car → Musk felt the technology was there, so he formed Tesla, and now, when you’re driving down the road, it’s possible you’ll encounter someone behind the wheel of one such eponymous vehicle, with a computer assisting the driver.
  • Commercial space travel → Musk believed that commercial trips into space could be possible, so he formed SpaceX. He even took a trip into orbit himself!
  • A brain/computer interface → Can mankind benefit from a computer link embedded in the brain? Musk thinks so, and his company–Neuralink–is making it a reality!
  • Tunnels to fix traffic jams → From forming the Boring Company to proposing a Hyperloop, Musk saw traffic congestion as a problem that needed to be solved, and has taken steps to solve it!
  • Solar inventions → The largest solar plant in the United States comes courtesy of Musk’s ventures into the solar energy industry and his company, Solar City.
  • Free speech → Musk wants to safeguard the right to free speech, and his in talks to buy Twitter to make sure that happens.

And if you have been living on Mars, the billionaire has talked about paying you a visit some time in the future, so just hold tight.

Who better represents bold thinking than Musk?

What’s the scariest, most daunting goal you’re thinking about doing? 

Whatever it is, it probably pales in comparison to how Musk is sticking his neck out to solve big problems…

…Which leads us to the trait that Musk clearly has an abundance of, and what you need to have the confidence to set and achieve your Bold Goals.

The trait is courage.

According to Forbes, there are 2,668 billionaires in the world. How many of them do you know of? More importantly, how many of them do you know of who are striving to make their big, bold ideas a reality–ideas that could make the world a better place?

Beyond the accumulation of wealth, only a few of them have the courage to bold things. An even fewer amount are willing to tackle the world’s problems. And no one is willing to so publicly risk their resources and reputation like Musk.

At a later date, we’ll talk about Brene Brown and vulnerability, and how you need vulnerability to have courage. But for now, I’ll just say that by making his Bold Goals so public, Musk makes himself vulnerable–and that takes tons of courage!

Does he provide you with the inspiration for courage to reach out and try Bold Goals? He certainly inspires me!

Keep living Bold!


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