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Don’t Forget Your Rope, Boots and Helmet!

Greetings! Last week’s post was about “skipping the popular advice,” because the popular “just do it”  slogan is very wrong when it comes to goals and success.

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Skip the Popular Advice

Greetings! With the New Year coming up, it’s a good time to get your method of goal-setting in place. So here’s some popular advice: If


The Soundtrack of Inspiration

Greetings! While working out this morning, I was listening to “Wild at Heart” by Anthem Academy, and some of the lyrics struck a chord. “We


Inspiring vs. Uninspiring Goals

Greetings! We are heading into the last part of 2020–a year of change and disrupted plans. Have you given any thought to making goals for


Do You Know What Matters to You?

Greetings! Do you know your “why”? In our chaotic world, this question is being asked more often. What matters most to you? Your family, your

Truth about challenges

Challenges Aren’t Always Bad

Greetings! Challenges. Ugh. The word usually does not bring up positive thoughts. The “Challenges” chapters in my book have been commented on often from readers. 


An Exclusive Invitation

Greetings! Issues of race and how it is reflected in diversity, equity and inclusion are pretty important topics right now–and that makes the 14th Annual


A Number of Firsts

Greetings! We had a lot of “firsts” for my book, PROJECT BOLD LIFE: The Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieve Happiness and Success. It

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