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Book Publishing Date Set!


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Another milestone of the book publishing journey has been reached!

A release date for PROJECT BOLD LIFE: The Proven Formula to Take on Challenges and Achieving Happiness and Success with August 18, 2020 set as the special date.

Have you ever had a similar feeling of excitement? It’s an exhilarating thing to have a project you’ve worked so hard on come to fruition. In fact, the harder you work, the sweeter the taste of accomplishment.

Bold accomplishments don’t come quickly–if they did, how could they be bold? Instead, they often come only after taking step after step after step. But anything worth accomplishing has to have a bit of challenge to it, and for publishing a book, that means writing, editing, marketing and completing all the other fun (and not so fun) tasks until the marathon is done. And a set publication date means that marathon is one step closer to being done. Hooray!

I said it last week but it’s worth repeating: the harder you work, the sweeter the taste of accomplishment. Have you experienced something like that?

The publishing details of my PROJECT BOLD LIFE book–as well as some early accolades–can be found in this press release. Check it out!

Stay tuned, stay healthy, and stay bold!

All the best,

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