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Are You Ready to Start Traveling Again?


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The world is opening up again, and with that newfound freedom comes the chance to go on vacations and travel. More specifically, it means the opportunity to go out and experience things!

If you remember this previous Notes From Ed, you’ll recall that there are Seven Pillars to a Bold Life: Health, Career, Relationships, Finance, Achievement, Giving Back, and Experiences.

Experiences are a crucial part of the whole equation. As I wrote in my book: “Unlike material or tangible items, experiences are fleeting. They come and go. But over the course of your life, these experiences will provide a script of your life and your journey.”

What you soak up from your surroundings, and the situations that those surroundings put you in, shapes who you are. And while there is an infinite number of situations in which you have limited control over and must only react to, there are plenty of those that you create for yourself. Those are the experiences you want for self-enrichment.

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Sure, the pandemic made travel impossible, but now is the time to start planning that trip to Joshua Tree National Park or the Great Pyramid of Giza for the experience that will move your soul. Or the experience you think you’ll just enjoy and have great memories afterward, like a trip to California’s wine country with a loved one or a solo trek along the Appalachian Trail. The options–and the enriching experiences–are almost limitless!

With travel suddenly becoming an option again, where are you going?

Perhaps more importantly, what will be special about your next travel experience?

Let me know!

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Keep living Bold.

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